Ten Principles Consulting
Do more. Be more.


Ten Principles Consulting (TPC) works with organizations, businesses and community groups to solve problems and realize potential. Our customized services include consultations, trainings and coaching. We psychologically use our principles and adapt our services to meet your unique needs, challenges and goals.


TPC delivers innovative solutions for solving problems and realizing potential.



Whatever your challenges or goals, we deliver comprehensive strategies for success.

Our consultations provide customized assessments, solutions and execution support. Psychologically using our Ten Principles, our staff creates a personalized assessment of your circumstances, challenges, and needs. We design recommendations and adapt our services to empower you to achieve the results you want. We don’t tell you what your priorities and goals should be, we give solutions for how to achieve them.


Customized Trainings

Whether you are a large business, small non-profit or community group, TPC provides trainings that empower you with skills and strategies needed to lead and succeed.

Our programming ranges from trainings on particular topics to the full scope of the Ten Principles. Based on your goals, we deliver customized instruction for your team that provide practical insights and action steps to achieve meaningful and enduring results.



TPC works with the leaders of organization, businesses and communities to maximize their impact.

You will receive the skills and strategies needed to improve performance and achieve success, for yourself and the team around you. Applying our Ten Principles to your unique set of circumstances, challenges, strengths and goals, we empower you to be more effective in planning, engaging, executing and leading. We support you in coming to your own answers and insights, while addressing your challenges and enhancing your strengths. You will be able to apply the Ten Principles long after our work together, ensuring ongoing learning, growth and improvement. You will do well for yourself and good for those around you.

Learn how TPC’s services might benefit your organization today.

The Abbe staff team worked with Dennis to help us develop our work culture and team ethic. We found Dennis’s approach to be inviting and knowledgeable while offering tangible steps for action. I saw in myself and team members immediate and long-term change in how we work together to accomplish goals and projects - with purpose, care, and determination. Our time with Dennis has deepened our learning commitments as well and each of us seeks out readings and webinars along with shared learning to keep sharp and effective in the workplace and in life. I recommended Dennis’s approach to any business or organization that is looking to seriously consider what a strong team looks like, develop one, and influence the dynamic to fulfill the mission and to install balance in yourself.
— Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, CEO, Abbe Museum
The teachings and wisdom Dennis offers are one-of-a-kind and have helped me become a better leader and advocate. I cannot recommend EPI highly enough. We all need to be doing our part to help the planet and this is a great support system to help any business or organization do so!
— Rob Schene, MFT, CGP
Educated, kind and well-informed leadership. Not dogmatic or one-size-fits-all.
— Patricia W., LMHC, LMFC