Ten Principles Consulting
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The Principles

TPC's Ten Principles are core characteristics of all thriving systems, from natural ecosystems to businesses, communities and individuals. When applied psychologically, the principles optimize your culture, leadership and development.


Communication. Adaptation. Teamwork. Diversity. Both/And. Creativity. Patterns. Edges. Decentralization. Relationships.

The impact of these principles is demonstrated by the fields of leadership, organizational culture, business, systems theory and individual psychology.

Each principle is a characteristic and objective of any thriving business or organization. Success lies in the comprehensive understanding and application of the principles. When you psychologically and proactively utilize all ten principles, you increase innovation, resilience, efficiency and sustainability. You deliver the maximum positive impact on prosperity, people and the planet.

As is the case with all our services, TPC's principles are flexible and comprehensive, designed to complement and enhance your mission, values and goals. Our staff uses TPC's principles to assess your strengths and weaknesses as an organization, design solutions to optimize performance and guide you through to success. 

Solve problems and realize your potential. Contact us to learn more about how the principles apply to your particular business or organization.

The principles became important to the entire team. The outcome was an open, honest, collaborative approach to strategizing how to establish and maintain real, sustainable, and healthy growth.
— Heather Anderson, Creative Director and Event Planner, Bar Harbor Catering