Ten Principles Consulting
Do more. Be more.


Founded by Dennis Kiley as part of the EcoPsychology Initiative, Ten Principles Consulting (TPC) demonstrates that businesses can do good and do well, fostering growth for people, prosperity and the planet.


TPC has experience with businesses and nonprofits, working in community development, leading groups and coaching individuals. This diverse and extensive background enables us to uniquely cater to your specific goals and needs.

Maximize your triple bottom line

TPC's unique Ten Principles programming delivers a model for the very leadership, healing and growth that is needed in every business and organization as well as for the planet and society. We provide systemic and psychological solutions to improve who you are and what you do.

Organizational and Psychological Biomimicry

Our Ten Principles are a psychological form of biomimicry. We use nature's systems, designs and principles to provide solutions for human challenges, actualizing your full potential. Proven highly effective in the fields of leadership, business, individual and organizational psychology, each principle is a goal and strategy on its own. When applied collectively, the principles produce increased innovation, resilience, sustainability and efficiency.


People. Prosperity. Planet

TPC's programming improves your company's growth and prosperity, while also benefiting the planet and all people involved. In addition to improved organizational culture, development and leadership, employees will experience increased productivity, passion and purpose. Your customers and community will become more engaged and loyal and you will also increase the sustainability of your operations.

As an expression of our commitment to serving the planet, we give 1% of profits to environmental projects and organizations.

For any project or organization to succeed, a framework needs to be created for people, core values and goals to constantly realign. Dennis Kiley’s brilliant approach to this constant improvement cycle is to integrate ten eco-psychological principles into the mindset of a team, and let the ongoing process of discovery and renewal take a life of its own with this new common language.
— Hannah Semler, President, Whole Crops