Ten Principles Consulting
Do more. Be more.

Ten Principles Consulting

Do more. Be more.


Ten Principles for transformative triple line impact.

Businesses can do good and do well.

Ten Principles Consulting offers a unique approach to amplify leadership, culture and development. Through our distinct set of Ten Principles, you will maximize your impact.


People. Prosperity. Planet.

Improve who you are and what you do. Psychologically using our Principles, you become more sustainable, innovative, resilient and efficient. Your employees will be more purposeful, productive and engaged.


Solve Problems. Realize Potential.

TPC enhances how you organize, engage, impact and lead. We deliver customized assessments, solutions, services and execution support through our consultations, trainings and coaching services.

Driven by the Ten Principles, our services help you achieve your goals, solve problems and realize your fullest potential


Cutting Edge Strategies

In today’s world of business - with increasing competition and complexity, scarce resources and uncertainty - it's hard to be successful. You require systemic and psychological solutions that are both flexible and firm, substantive and simple, easily adapted to your unique organizational needs. Our Ten Principles deliver exactly these outcomes.

This work is time-honored, cutting-edge and necessary in our world today.
— Josh Warren, Founder, Integrated Tennis

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